E-commerce Industry for cars in India is growing at a fast pace

E-commerce Industry for cars in India is growing at a fast pace

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The online space for buying and selling products has increased remarkably in the last few years. The online marketplace is available to everyone with an access to the internet, howsoever slow or disconnected it may be. In India, we have phones with internet connections and speeds faster than those that are available at home or in offices. People can buy everything ranging from clothes, footwear, phones, appliances and even used cars online now.

But should you buy a car online?

Some people find it very difficult to visit dealerships to buy used cars as it difficult to find the right car for their needs. They would also need to visit several places before deciding on one particular car. This makes it difficult since not everyone would have the time to do that. Therefore, for convenience purposes, it is very easy to check the multiple websites offering entire portfolios of used cars.

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Another aspect of this convenience is the numbers of vehicles one can look at in one go without even stepping out of their house. Each website offers somewhere around 2000 to 300 used cars for sale and even with all the filters, one can view up to 50-100 cars on multiple websites and create a shortlist. Then, it is a matter of visiting a few of these and making the final decision.

Are the prices of used cars online reasonable?

People who put up their vehicles for sale online do their research before doing that. They understand that people in India are always up for negotiations and hence mark-up the price of the used car. However, if you were to buy used car online Bangalore; it would still be cheaper than travelling to multiple dealerships, checking multiple cars and finalizing the right car. It is a trade-off that one needs to look at – cost and hassle of travelling versus a marginally higher cost online.

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