Health Problems Related to Roundup

Health Problems Related to Roundup

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Roundup is a popular herbicide that came into the market back in 1974 and grew popular because genetically modified seeds that could withstand a high dose of the herbicide were introduced. This created a quick fix for farmers because it meant their plants could thrive in the midst of weeds because the herbicide wiped out all weeds without any harm to the plants. The herbicide was also used as a desiccant for plants that were not genetically engineered. It hastened the drying and harvesting process of these foods.

Advancement in science has brought focus on this herbicide and brought to light that some Roundup dangers have built up over the years in the form of health problems. Prolonged exposure to the chemicals used in the manufacturing of the herbicide has caused changes to the air, water, and land.

The problems found by scientists focused on people who were sick and had higher levels of glyphosate in their bodies than normal and people with health problems attributed to exposure to Roundup.


There are many biological factors present in glyphosate that line up with some known pathogens related to autism. One of them is the ability for glyphosate to elevate the accumulation of aluminum in the brain and how this is related to autism and might be the leading cause in the USA.

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Brain cancer

Studies were carried out on healthy children versus children with brain cancer. The results showed that parents who were exposed, in one way or another, to Roundup dangers and glyphosate at least two years before the birth of their child exposed the child to a high chance of having brain cancer.

Multiple sclerosis

More incidents of inflammatory bowel diseases have been related to multiple sclerosis. The cause of this might be connected to glyphosate because inflammation bowel disease associated with glyphosate makes bacteria enter into the vasculature and cause an immune reaction that creates the disorder and the consequence is the dismantling of the myelin sheath.

Reproductive problems

Studies on animals show that when the male specimen is exposed to some level of glyphosate, they develop reproductive issues. This happens whether the animal is at puberty or is already at parenting stage. Some reproductive issues noted include lowered production of testosterone, detained puberty, and low sperm count.

Heart disease

Another health problem and Roundup danger are that exposure to glyphosate causes dysfunction of the lysosome because it throws the bodies enzymes into confusion. Heart failures and other cardiovascular diseases are caused by problems with the lysosome.

After years of false advertising, deception and misleading the public, the company manufacturing this herbicide has encouraged its use in crops, parks, side walks and a lot of other places. These health problems now being discovered are many, and they are real Roundup dangers.

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