How to Retain Your Cannabis Aroma for Long

How to Retain Your Cannabis Aroma for Long

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Cannabis will become a famous herb nowadays. It is due to the fact that it is the cheaper and effective remedy for a lot of health issues. It is extracted from the hemp plant with an organic method. CBD oil is available in many forms you can easily use it as per your choice.

Medical Marijuana is prescribed by doctors for a lot of ailments. Its smell is really tempting. You can preserve its smell in all stages of growing- it may be in pre or post-harvest. You can also avoid its stale smoke that tastes lousy and is harsh on your lungs.

Here, in this article, we give you some tips through which you can easily retain the aroma of CBD oil for a longer period.

Save The Trichomes: The foremost method to preserve the aroma of CBD oil is to take care of its trichomes. If you save its trichomes it will automatically save its Terpenes. Terpenes are basically the part that gives distinctive aroma to the cannabis plant. You have to follow this tips in all phases of growing that is from growing to trimming and up to drying and curing. You may lose trichomes by constantly touching its sugar leaves and buds. All and all, you can retain aroma by protecting its bud in a gentle way.

Do Flushing in A Proper Way: The second tip is ‘Flushing’. This process is done before harvesting. Flushing is done to remove any excess nutrients that are built up during the growing process. Then it turns in a smoother smoke that taste better and burns evenly. You can check whether flush is proper or not with the colour of flush.  The grey and white colour indicate good flushing. The right moment to begin the flush depends on your growing process.

Do Trimming at Right Time: The most common method to preserve the smell of CBD product is to do trimming at right time. Generally, you can trim your cannabis plant just after harvesting. There is two option to trim the weed, first one is on dry weed and second is on wet weed. Trim cannabis plant stem by stem and put them upside for drying. For dry trimming, hang the whole plant in the drying room then trim it. But, if you preserve its terpenes then prefer wet trimming. Ultimately, for proper trimming, you have to take care of its buds.

Drying the Weed in Well Manner: This is the most crucial method. This process is done after the trimming process; it is done to get rid of the moisture in the buds. The proper drying will lead to exceptional flavour and aroma. Moisture and light is the main enemy of the weed. To avoid this, try to dry your weed in a cool and dark place. So, if you do careful drying you can easily preserve the flavour of your weed.

Conclusion: By following the above tips you can definitely preserve the aroma of your cannabis for a long time. Right time, temperature are some factors that effects its aroma. So, be careful about these factors.

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