Pairing Breakfast Foods with Coffee

Pairing Breakfast Foods with Coffee

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A cup of coffee is the quintessential thing to drink in the morning. Many people turn to a good cup to help them greet the day and feel alert. A cup of coffee by itself is nice. However, many people also choose to have something with it for breakfast. When thinking about creating a breakfast that will help bring out the flavor notes in your morning coffee, think about your own personal favorite flavors. A cup of coffee can help show off the moderately sweet notes in a slice of bacon. It can also help you appreciate a fried egg even more. A good breakfast should be a balanced breakfast. Breakfast should have a balance of varied flavors including bitter, sweet and savory to help you best greet the day.

Savory Flavors

Coffee has many savory flavors, as this official source demonstrates. A cup of coffee may have hints of all kinds of other food stuff such as nuts, diary and flavors that recall roasted meat. It’s a good idea to look for ways to help bring out such notes in any breakfast. Think about what kind of roasted meats you like to eat. A slice of roast hamworks well as a source of protein, part of a balanced breakfast and food that pairs well with a cup of coffee. The same is true of other kinds of roast meats. For example, a slice of sausage is perfect on a cold day with a steaming cup of coffee.

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A Sweet Note

Many people love adding a sweet note to their breakfast. The same is true of a cup of coffee. Adding a small amount of sugar can help balance the more bitter notes in the coffee. It is also a good idea to add a small note of sweetness to the entire breakfast. For example, help bring out the sweetness in coffee by serving it with a stack of pancakes with some authentic maple syrup. A small pastry or a Danish is also a good idea that helps bring a smile to your day. Think about ways to add a little treat to your early morning. This way, you’ll greet breakfast and the rest of the day with a smile.

An Enjoyable Breakfast

An enjoyable breakfast with a good of coffee should have multiple components. Each component should work together. Add and subtract as necessary. For example, if you are going to serve something that is very sweet, you might want to serve only black coffee to help cut the sweetness. If you are going to serve largely savory items, you can put in hints of sweetness with other elements such as a glass of orange juice in addition to your cup of coffee. You can also help make the breakfast an even more enjoyable meal by mixing up elements each day. This way, you aren’t eating the same things each morning. You have a good cup of coffee and you have savory foods.

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