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In the arts industry, lighting generates Majestic ambiance. Various automated lighting fixtures, standard conventional stage lighting fixtures, and LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting technology can be used to transform any venue into a spectacle. Ranging from ambient lighting to stage lighting, any artist can change space into the most magnificent arena. All venues can be illuminated, regardless of the size, ranging from tree lighting, empty warehouse paintings, and even stadium lighting.

We are a stage light rental company, and our job is to supply customers with first-class lighting equipment to help establish memorable events. Whether the party needs the stage, ambient or other light fixtures, our lighting equipment experts work to produce the appropriate illumination to guarantee an event’s success. Similar to photography, lighting can either subdue or highlight features to create desired visual effects. The functions and uses of lighting are infinite, and as a reputable lighting rental equipment company, we present you with all the things necessary to boost your creativity. Below are some of the lighting equipment we have in stock:

Automated Lighting

Intelligent or automated lighting is a form of stage lighting that assists the operator to run the illumination either by controlling it live or pre-programming. Automatic lighting is economical and the best versatile option for many stationary standard lights. The automatic specialty provides the “star” of the illumination to deliberately and quickly change. Automated lighting is best suited for church, theater, concert hall, and nightclub events. Our stage lighting package offers leading automatic lighting brands like Martin, Color Kinetics, High End and Ayrton. We also supply outdoor rain hats for the automated lighting fixtures.

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Conventional Spotlights and Fixtures

Unlike automatic lighting fixtures that are versatile, our package of traditional lighting fixtures provides the illumination function only. With standard stage lighting, you cannot program the lighting fixture to change focus, color, and even direction. Our standard lamps are made up of quartz or tungsten and can only operate as ordinary dimmers. Nonetheless, our regular lights are cheap and appropriate for seminars, company meetings or conventions where one speaker is focused at a time. We also supply Lycian spotlights, scoops, PARs and ACL bars. Our experts are always ready to assist you to decide on the most appropriate lighting fixtures for your event.

LED Fixtures

LED lighting is the most energy-economical lighting accessible. LED light has several benefits as compared to the standard lighting fixtures. Foremost, LED emit very little heat. Hence, they’re comfortable for the on-stage performer. Besides, LED lighting comes in unlimited color combinations. In addition to being long-lasting, LEDs use little power as compare to the traditional lights since multiple LED units can be connected to one power supply.

A Final Thought:

The combination of artistic impression and an expert team of visual technicians, directors, designers and light designer storytellers bring a powerful technique to the stage to help artists realize their visions. As a reputable stage lighting company, we’ll present you with our variety of stage light fixtures and work with you to assist you to select the best ones lighting for your demanding event.

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