Use the solar energy for collecting some hot water

Use the solar energy for collecting some hot water

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Hot water is useful in the winters while you are performing your household works. Many people use boilers and other water heaters to heat the water in winters. They consume a huge amount of energy. However, you can save the fun by going green and getting the solar geyser installed

Solar geysers are attached with various sized tank in which you can collect hot water for further use. It is so useful in those areas where electricity power cut is the big issue.

How can you get hot water by installing Thermosiphon Solar Geyser Systems?

It is a tube like structure which is directly exposed in the sun light usually on the top of the roof or attic. There is glycol or cold water passed through the tube which is heated by the sun. In this water system, the water tank consists of an inlet and outlet connection which is connected with the collector. This system is also having vacuumed glass tube which is coated by the special coating. These vacuumed tubes behave like the insulator and absorb the solar energy and transfer if to the water. In this way cold water is heated to warm water which can be enjoyed by you.

How can you get hot water in cloudy weather by using this solar system?

Mostly, there is some backup included in the solar hot water system. There are some booster also installed in the system which not only serve the hot water but are also useful in killing all the harmful pathogens from your water. There is thermosyphon system which works as the backup system for getting the hot water in the cloudy weather. Internal solar collector already has the stored hot water besides the collected water which acts as a backup.

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